This past week (March 7th-March 11th) has been filled with students that I have spoken to and worked with!

FIRST Robotics Competition, New York Regional

It was crunch time with the FIRST Robotics Team 1880, The Warriors of East Harlem Tutorial Program. We recorded interviews and put together a video presentation about the team’s accomplishments throughout the year, similar to last years.

Check it out:

The team competed in the New York Regional FIRST Robotics Competition at the Jacobs Javits Center. It was my second year with the team, and although our team did not win, we definitely showed some team spirit all the way through:

Please visit for more information on Team 1880.

Talk at Marthe Valle High School

On Tuesday I visited Marthe Valle High School where I spoke to a group students during lunch time about what I do, graphic design. Hermano David Ortiz hooked this effort up for me. He told me that the students have attendance issues but are interested in art, he figured I can speak with them in hopes to encourage them to stay in school and think about their future. It was definitely a great experience. David said they he has never seen the students so quiet. I showed them my animations and other graphic work and They really enjoyed what the saw. they all had questions and were interested. If I can encourage just one student, then my efforts have worked. Check out some pics below.

Marthe Valle 1

Marthe Valle 2

Marthe Valle 3

Marthe Valle 4


Career Day at P.S./I.S. 102

But wait, there’s more! On Friday I went for the 2nd year in a row to P.S./I.S. 102’s Career Day. It is a very well organized day where the school has many professionals go to every classroom and speak about their careers. Last year’s experience touched me when one of them said to Hermano Ricky Estevez (math teacher), “I want to be a graphic designer just like Steve”. And this year it was just as great! A lot of the students remembered me from last year and were very excited to see what I had in store for them. I showed them my latest works and gave them resources about being a graphic designer. I told them that they can start being a designer TODAY (after they finished their homework of course) by going to and download free trial versions of Photoshop and After Effects and watch tutorials at,, and It was definitely an amazing experience and I look forward to doing it again next year. Check out some pics below.

PS 102 1

PS 102 2

I found this on one of the desks when everybody left (my personal favorite, haha):

PS 102 3

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-Steve Lucin