I had the pleasure of animating the promo and designing the flyer for Greekster.tv’s National Stroll Show Championship – Silk & Smooth 10, June 2011. Check it out.

The Video:

Music Track: Whiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow Instrumental
VoiceOver: Gina Brillon

The Flyer:

Silk & Smooth 10 Flyer

Silk & Smooth 10 Front Flyer

I was given video clips and photos of the strolls. I generated all of the graphics using Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Maya. That means that the people in the audience are rally just a group of 3 people cheering and multiplied many times to give a crazy crowd effect (Thanks AEtuts!). The stage and lights were done with the help of VideoCopilot.net and their Optical Flares (Thanks again!). I had fun designing and animating this, especially because it is Greek related. Can’t forget about working with Gina Brillon on the voice over, everything went very smoothly and it was fun (I mean she is a comedian). Shout out to End of Era Productions for hooking up that connect.

Let me know what you think of it, comment/tweet/like it. And don’t forget to visit Greekster.tv for more information, and of course to purchase your ticket.