This is my very first animated trailer, “In The Company of Killers”. It is probably my favorite project thus far for many reasons. Check it out:

My client, Gentile Entertainment Group, was extremely smooth to work with. They had a vision, direction, and provided a storyboard for me to go by. The animation was directly influenced by the “Buried” movie trailer. It was a very interesting design to try to emulate, but with some tips from my motion graphics professor from grad school, Ken Tanabe and of course with the Gentile Ent Group team, the project came out very successful. It was fun animating this and I really hope to do more movie trailers and promos in the future.

Phillip Carlo has written many books about serials killers but he was facing the worst killer of all, himself, due to Lou Gehrig disease. This trailer is to promote a documentary about his work and his life.

Unfortunately a few weeks after this trailer was done, he passed away. It was very sad news to hear this, especially since they were going to start filming footage for it the week after. My condolences go out to his friends and family. I created a memorial video for them to show at his wake. The family appreciated it.

R.I.P. Philip Carlo April 19, 1949 – November 8, 2010

-Steve Lucin