La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. hosted their 2010 Arts Exhibition, “La Bodega Gallery” in SUNY Stony Brook and my motion work was part of it!

My motion graphics reel was on display and it was an honor to have my work at an art gallery. It was my debut in any art exhibition. It was an evening of community, art, music, and cultural celebration.

“La Bodega” is an experimental hybrid exhibition space/artist studio. it is themed after the local neighborhood ‘Bodega’ or corner store. The name is in Spanish because I am Latino, but the concept of the “corner store” as a community center, a place where one goes for convenience and necessity, is a universal concept. We all bring our own experiences and preconceived notion about corner stores with us – but my hope is to provide a space for emerging artists to show their work to a receptive community.

The project/space is at it’s infancy, but the community will dictate it’s path.

-Hermano Jose Antonio Ojeda

LUL bros at La Bodega Gallery

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO HERMANO JOSE OJEDA for setting up this very successful exhibition. La Unidad Para Siempre!

-Hermano Steve Lucin