This fall 2010 I have been teaching a 3D Design & Animation class after school at East Harlem Tutorial Program. It has been a wonderful experience, especially because a majority of the students are very interested in the subject.

I have been learning and teaching Autodesk Maya. Because I am working with the FIRST Robotics Team, the semesters’ project was geared towards creating an animation about Safety.

This year’s theme was “a life time of safety”. The students created about 90% of this entire animation. They came up with the idea, storyboarded it out, modeled the buildings, cars, robots, workspace with tools, and even animated the robot. I animated the camera and gave them guidance throughout the entire design process. This animation was entered in the Safety Design Animation Competition. Hopefully we win! If not, the students are still proud of what they created, and that is what matters.

-Steve Lucin