Designing this mixtape for Ses Da Great was a pleasure. It was extremely inspiring to do this artwork especially because our beliefs are parallel to one another. I love to do my work from the heart and at 100%.

I feel that God has blessed us with an awesome oppurtunity called “Life”. Its not enough for us to be mediocre or good, its up to us to LIVE GREAT. The only way to show him how thankful and grateful we are is to live up to our full potential…

…If we all realized our true potential and put forth the effort to LIVE GREAT, this whole world we be a better place for each of us.  This is my 1st attempt to portray that idea to the world.  Sorta my community service via hiphop.

-Ses Da Great

He gave me an image that he sketched himself, and it was of the pyramid. I took his image and halucinated it for him.


Cover Art Design
Back Cover Design

Ses Da Great - Live Great