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The Halucinated Scholarship for the Aspiring Creative is for (but not limited to) passionate designers, animators, editors, photographers, artists, illustrators, and painters, who wish to develop their skills at higher education institutions.

2014 Recipients

Robert Yu

University of California, Berkeley

Freshman Scholarship ($1,000)


Robert conveys his passion for Wushu, dance, and art in the video that he submitted. Through the beauty of cubism, he shows the essence of creativity, from inspiration, to design process, to final piece of work.

Luisa Talamas

Ohio State University

Undergrad Scholarship ($1,000)


Luisa is an aspiring industrial designer and she created a beautiful lamp out a very common mass produced item, the plastic fork. Her professional goal is to create functional and long lasting products that are made out of reusable objects.

Rikki Byrd

Parsons The New School for Design

Graduate Scholarship ($1,000)


Rikki submitted issue 6 of SCULPT magazine. This is a magazine that she started which is for artists, by artists. It compiles some of the world’s most unnoticed talents into a museum on paper. Her goal is exposure for all artists, the keepers of culture.


The Project
Design something creative that illustrates your passion for your specific creative field. This can be done in absolutely any medium (drawing, painting, animation, digital media, film, etc.). Submit an essay that explains this piece of work. Also make sure to express why you should receive this scholarship and any financial hardship that you may be going through. It can be as long as you want and as short as you dare.

Money should never be the reason why one does not get an education

Founded in 2012, the Halucinated Scholarship for the Aspiring Creative, was created for creatives who are passionate about their field and wish to continue learning.

Question: WHO CAN APPLY?

Passionate students who will be attending college or graduate school in the U.S., in the fall of 2015, and are majoring in (or going to major in) any creative field, including (but not limited to) 3D animation, 3D graphics, animation, architecture, cartooning, computer animation, design, digital art, digital design, digital media, graphic design, electronic art, electronic media, entertainment art, film, game animation, game art, game design, game development, game production, illustration, interactive design, motion graphics, multimedia, studio art, virtual modeling, visual effects, visual communication, web animation, web design, and web development.

Question: Who can apply for the incoming freshman scholarship?

Creative students who will be attending college for the first time in the fall of 2015.

Question: What can apply for the undergrad scholarship?

Creative students who will be attending college as a sophomore, junior, or senior in the fall of 2015.

Question: Who can apply for the graduate scholarship?

Creative students who will be attending graduate school in the fall of 2015.


Selection is based on the student's project that is to be submitted with the actual online application, indication of financial need, and a successful academic record. The selections will be made by Halucinated Design, Inc.

Question: How many winners will be chosen?

A total of 3 winners will be chosen, 1 from each category (incoming freshman, undergrad, and graduate)


The deadline for 2014 has been reached. Check out who won. The 2015 deadline will be announced once the 2015 application has been released.


Definitely not. Read the story to find out why. ;-)

Question: How do I submit the project?

Through the online application, which will be available in early 2015.

Question: Okay cool, WHERE IS THE APPLICATION?

The 2015 Application will be released in early 2015. To keep up to date, please sign up for the Halucinated Newsletter.

The Story (Why?)

During grad school, I discovered that I enjoyed mentoring students, especially those who wanted to learn more in creative fields. I became a college mentor at at East Harlem Tutorial Program where I helped a high school senior go through the college process. Applying to the schools went relatively smooth, but we hit a huge road block when it came to financial aid. The student was undocumented.

This particular student came to America when he was only 6 months old! All he knew was the American dream.

We searched for scholarships (because the FAFSA was out of the question for undocumented students), but everywhere we looked, the applicant either needed to have high grades (my mentee was an average B student), or had to be a U.S. citizen (which he was not). He was actually my best 3D animation student from the year before, so he had some specific creative skills, and this is what he wanted to study in college. We continued to search for creative scholarships, but yielded very limited results.

He felt helpless, as did I, and he wanted to drop out completely. I had to stay strong to support him. This is when I wished that I can provide a scholarship for him.

Thankfully he earned some scholarships from his high school and ended up going to a community college. I don’t want another fellow designer to feel helpless, and that is why the Halucinated Scholarship has been created.

Steve Lucin
CEO & Founder
Halucinated Scholarship


  • Halucinated Design, Inc. reserves the right to reject any scholarship application for any reason at the owner’s sole discretion.
  • All material will be subject to review for plagiarism and/or fraud.
  • Any media submitted may be published on Halucinated.com as well as any other social media related to Halucinated Design, Inc. (along with the student/author’s name)
  • Halucinated Design, Inc. reserves the right to publicly announce and promote scholarship winners on the owner’s website as well as any other social media outlets.
  • Scholarship winner must provide proof of U.S. college/school acceptance before scholarship awards are to be disbursed.
  • Students who submit scholarship application will not be marketed to by Halucinated Design, Inc. in any way nor will their name or contact information be sold to third parties.
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  • Ivannie

    Does the art work need to be about a specific theme?

    • John

      They said, “design something that illustrates your passion for your specific creative field.” That’s the theme as far as I can tell.

      • Halucinated Design


    • Halucinated Design

      Just as John said, “Design something that illustrates your passion for your specific creative field.”

  • Stephanie

    How long dose the essay need to be?

    • nolly

      it said it could be as long or short as you wanted it to. i’d say just write as much as you feel you need to to make your case. good luck!

      • Halucinated Design

        Exactly, thank you nolly!

    • Halucinated Design

      As long as you want, and as short as you dare. Pretty much what nolly said, as much as you feel to make your case.

  • Spencer Honda

    So the winner receives a $1000 scholarship + a choice of awards? Or they win a $1000 in their choice of the awards?

    • Halucinated Design

      The winner receives $1,000 in their choice of the awards.

  • Nate Matthews

    Where and how do we submit our creation

  • Nate Matthews

    How many winners will be chosen

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  • Adrian

    Would you accept a submission in a gif format?

  • SaintsMeachum

    The “Check Sent to Your School” that’s a scholarship for the winner? Or a donation to the school in that person’s name?

  • Sergio

    Can you only submit once? or as many different pieces of art as i please?

  • Rachel

    Does the artwork have to be something specifically created for this scholarship or can it be a previously created work as long as it fits the theme?

  • Spencer Honda

    Damn. Didn’t actually look at the time it was due and missed it. lol didn’t know it was due at the beginning of June 30 but oh well. My mistake.

  • Meg

    Can people going into art therapy apply