The number of applicants this year increased from 7 to 553, which means there was a plethora of amazing stories and creative pieces of work that were submitted. The committee reviewing the applications laughed and cried. The decision was not easy at all, but these three have shown their passion for their craft through their projects and essays.

Robert Yu – High School Award ($1,000)

My interpretation of creativity is in hopes for people to enjoy each step of a certain type of movement.

Robert Yu will be starting college in the fall of 2014 at University of California, Berkeley, and will be majoring in Studio Art. Robert conveys his passion for Wushu, dance, and art in the video that he submitted. Through the beauty of cubism, he shows the essence of creativity, from inspiration, to design process, to final piece of work. He has also used these three passions to overcome many obstacles in life, and it has become therapeutic. Congratulations!

Luisa Talamas – College Award ($1,000)

I strongly believe that it was because of [optimism and perseverance] that I was able to approach many challenges as problem solving exercises, with the assurance that there is always a way to overcome adversity.

Luisa Talamas is majoring in Design at Ohio State University. This aspiring industrial designer created a beautiful lamp out a very common mass produced item, the plastic fork. Her professional goal is to create functional and long lasting products that are made out of reusable objects. In order to flee from violence, Luisa and her family came to America from Mexico in the summer of 2010. Ever since then she has had to overcome many obstacles including the language barrier, adapting to a new environment, and being a DACA student. Her grades suffered at first, but she showed significant improvement, to the point where she received performance awards. She also become a leader amongst her peers, especially after becoming the chief graphic designer for a start up company. Congratulations!

Rikki Byrd – Graduate Award ($1,000)

Art is a way of living, and to every artists, the canvas is our bed. Whatever we choose to lie our heads down on at night, among us lay our paintbrushes, pens, microphones, stages. When we create, we are fed.

Rikki Byrd is strengthening her creativity by going to Parsons The New School for Design to pursue her masters in multimedia. With her passion for magazines, experience in journalism, knowledge of Photoshop, and interest in photography, Rikki was able to start and publish the magazine called SCULPT. SCULPT magazine is for artists, by artists. Now in her sixth issue, this magazine compiles some of the world’s most unnoticed talents into a museum on paper. Her goal is exposure for all artist, in which are the keepers of culture. Congratulations!
I would like to thank everyone who applied as well as all of the supporters of this scholarship. Huge shout out to Addictedesigns and La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. for sponsoring two of the scholarships this year. To all of the donors who contributed, you are amazing! To all of those who reposted and retweeted my stuff, you are the best! I also would like to thank the other half of the scholarship committee, Sade Ortiz, her intellect and super power of being able to read hundreds of scholarship effortlessly are truly out of this world. This second year has been very successful and I could not have done it without the wonderful people that surround me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Steve Lucin