Genesis Delgado (Freshman Award $1,00) Cassandra Larson (Undergraduate Award $1,000) Daniel Ramirez (Graduate Award $1,000) Congratulations

We’ve spent countless of hours fundraising with our new non-profit apparel line, Support Creativity. We’ve spent countless hours reviewing all 369 creative applications. Submissions included animations, films, drawings, sketches, paintings, sculptures, computer games, 3D graphics, baked goods, furniture, and architect design. All so we can award those who show their passion for their creative field. The decision was not easy. We proudly present the Halucinated Scholarship for the Aspiring Creative 2015 winners!

Genesis Delgado (Freshman Award $1,000)

Genesis Delgado's Project

Genesis Delgado will be attending the University of North Texas in the fall of 2015 and will be majoring in Studio Arts. She could not show her passion through just one medium, so she decided to submit a small portfolio of her work to illustrate the variety of creativity that she has. The ones that stood out to us are the ones depicted in the collage above. She used highlighters to illustrate the two portraits on the right side. We would have never thought to use highlighters as a medium, and many of her teachers and classmates agree. The profile on the left is done with pen & ink and watercolors. Her small clay objects were done outside of school and she even used nail polish to paint some of them. The bottom left piece was done with acrylic on a small skateboard. Overall her passion for portraying her emotions and thoughts in all sorts of mediums is what led her to winning the freshman award.

Although my supplies may be limited at home and art classes at school can only demonstrate so far in exposing students to art, I use my supplies wisely and utilize alternative materials to express my self through art. ~ Genesis Delgado

Cassandra Larson (Undergraduate Award $1,000)

Cassandra Larson is attending the California Institute of the Arts and majoring in Animation. Cassandra reminds us that as with age, we tend to become more reserved with the way we act, dress, and how we create. In her short cartoon animation, “Stage Fright”, a young stage manager/aspiring dancer is forced to overcome her performance anxiety when a child dancer gets on stage and does her own interpretation of ballet.

My hope was to convey through this short cartoon the message that to grow as artists, artists often need to approach their work as a child would; just throw their inhibitions to the wind and dance, compose, or draw whatever they want. ~ Cassandra Larson

Daniel Ramirez (Graduate Award $1,000)

Daniel Ramirez is attending University of California and majoring in film. His passion is film and you can absolutely tell by watching his short film, “Change of Heart”. This short film is about the idea that peace can be achieved even when disagreements exist. He does not like seeing others get demonized because of their social, political, or religious beliefs being different than theirs. His goal is to be able to send off social messages via entertainment.

While the characters never agree with each other’s’ positions regarding the war, they do manage to find peace despite the world the around them. Their example of seeing a situation through the eyes of another person is something that we should all emulate. ~ Daniel Ramirez

Thank you!

I have to give a huge thank you to all of those that have applied. There is truly a lot of talent out there and we wish to help and support as much creativity as we can. This is why we will be taking a small step back so that we can take a giant leap forward. We are going to continue to revamp this scholarship and the Support Creativity movement as much as possible so that we can all continue to grow and create together. Huge shout out to everybody that was involved with the Halucinated Scholarship and Support Creativity movement this year. Let’s keep the momentum going!